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About Flaca

Born and raised in Arizona, Flaca grew up in the local, down-to-earth skate scene where she first encountered the mesmerizing art of her favorite skateboarders. Most of her life, Flaca felt like her values and life choices were moving against the grain, clashing with societal norms. With drawing, however, she feels closer to freedom and to herself.

"Drawing is the only thing that makes sense to me- when you think about the world, how chaotic it is, how the system is set up, how we work more than we play and see our families less than our coworkers, it gives me even more motivation to do my own thing and do what makes sense to me."

To Flaca, drawing focuses her energy and productivity, and it's a passion she enjoys through any emotion or life circumstance. 

Her work is heavily inspired by her Chicana roots in addition to her mild obsession with clowns, and she intends to specialize in black and gray realism and portraits in the future. 


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